5 Top Reasons You Need to Workout

You may not know that there are reasons you need to workout and one of them is to stay healthy as long as possible.

5 Reasons You Need to Workout

Although most of us struggle with staying in shape, it is important to include movement in our routine as often as possible. Otherwise, the aging process might speed up and leave you feeling less than your best.

There are some great reasons you need to workout that I hope will motivate you to start moving more often. Maybe you already do. If so, this will be an encouragement to keep it up.

When I was a teenager, I did happen to be sort-of-athletic but that kind-of-dissipates as we age and our body changes.

Once I was married and had children, the time and motivation were non-existent. I would ‘think’ about doing a workout once a month when my body and hormones were out of whack.

No matter your age, here are 5 top reasons why you NEED to find time to workout.

1. Boost Your Energy with a Workout 

If you workout first thing in your day (as possible) you will be energized for the entire day.

When children are little you have to be creative in finding time for a workout. Maybe you will do it with them crawling around you like I did when my children were little, and my twin grandbabies lived with us.

It helps keep your muscles and bones strong enough to lift small children.

A good workout strengthens your back. It also boosts how you feel about yourself which is why I love using the Bible verse in Psalms 139:14.

But what if you’re an empty nester? Exercise is still important.

If you want to feel your best for the people you love the most (like grandbabies), a weekly workout routine will help.

Find what works for you and start slowly.

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2. Workout for Increased Productivity

Now, who doesn’t need to increase their productivity?!

Twenty-four hours (with hours subtracted for sleep) are just NOT enough hours in the day for you!! There are never enough hours to get it all done.

Would you believe that those 15-30 minutes doing a workout will give you a payback in productivity?

That’s why you’ll benefit from a workout!

Movement of our body each day increases the functionality of our brains making both hemispheres integrate and work together more effectively.

If you cross your mid-line (the line straight down the center of your body) your cognitive thinking might improve.

Incredible isn’t it?!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Do you know that right well? Psalm 139:14 

3. Workout for a Calorie Burner!

Not only will you burn calories while you are exercising but you’ll still be burning them when you slow down, sit, or sleep!

Amazing!! I’m totally “IN”, are you?  

That’s another reason why you need to workout and burn those calories.

4. You’ll Feel Lousy if You Don’t Workout 

You will have issues that can be avoided or decreased through movement. It’s important to workout to slow the aging process in our body.

When I don’t move my body, I have a very sluggish, melancholy, dull-thinking sort of feeling.

I wake up feeling overly tired for no good reason at all.

There are times that I have been convinced that I was on my way to having blood sugar issues.

Since I became more intentional about workouts, symptoms such as back discomfort have all but decreased or disappeared.

At least I can say, if I wake up feeling ‘bad’ the feeling is gone once I’ve done my workout.

5. A Workout – it’s a Stress Buster 

Yes, you need to workout because it’s a total stress buster!

We all go through times in our lives that are stressful and without relief in sight.

Maybe it is our marriage, finances (which becomes our marriage), one (or two) of our children (which affects our marriage), or some disastrous event in life (unfortunately we aren’t promised a rose-garden-life as Believers).

I’m here to tell you that although a good workout doesn’t remove the  “stressor” in your life, it does help you to balance that stress so that you can more effectively deal with it in wisdom.  

God is

rebalance & rejuvenate

Energizing Workouts

for All Fitness Levels

Renew your body and mind for God’s glory. If you want to live your best life after 40, including movement each day is key. Our workouts and Bible studies will equip and energize you to do all the things God has for you!

God can use our workout to balance us out.

Those are the five reasons to stay fabulously fit through daily or frequent movement.

How often do you think you need to workout?

  • Never?
  • Monthly?
  • Weekly?
  • Bi-weekly?
  • Almost daily?

What reasons for a workout would benefit you the most?

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